Who We Are

DWC vision was received in 1992. God spoke that he will raise a people of great character and influence through the ministry. We did not have the full understanding of what God intended at that time. In 1994/5 DWC metamorphosed into outreach and publication ministry. God instructed me to publish tracts and books, which was on demand by Christians for evangelism. 

It later became clearer that God was going to make DWC a household name where the word of faith will be taught, preached and practiced. We received a mandate to start a base work on August 30 2012 through vision where God spoke clearly that we should raise an indomitable and formidable army of saint with great character and integrity who will pray, prevail and live a life of dominion in Christ for their destinies to be maximally released.

So our watchword and slogan became “Impacting Dominion, Releasing Destinies”, of course through the word of God, a life that is truthful & transparent with the capacity to fellowship within prayers.


Imparting Dominion, Transforming Lives


  • To preach Jesus and win souls for his kingdom.

  • To bring people into dynamic worship of our God

  • To create an atmosphere of daily miracle to our church community.

  • To teach single and married the purpose of God regarding marriage.

  • To create by the Holy Spirit an atmosphere of friendliness and transparency in the worship of our God.

  • To provide training for maturity in life and in the things of God.

  • To find and secure a permanent property for fulfilling our vision

  • To grow one of the largest multicultural church in the United Kingdom.

  • To take the gospel to the world through crusades and conferences


  • We aim to impart dominion through the ministry of the word of God and prayers.

  • We aim to transform people’s lives by systematic and expository teaching and training.

  • We aim to build an army (people) of great characters with integrity that will take the battle to the camp of the enemy and live a life of dominion in Christ.

  • Our strategy is:  prayer, planning, preparation and prevailing.

  • Our machinery will be: Revelation, Discovery, Discipleship and Deployment.






We believe:

  • That God is the creator of heaven and earth. Genesis 1:1.

  • That God created man and gave him the mandate of Dominion. Genesis 1:27-28

  • That the bible is the word of God and it is the final authority in all things. II Timothy

    3:16; II Peter 1:20-21

  • That Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Saviour of the world. John 14:9; Matthew

    1:18-25, Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 53:5-6.

  • That Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and on the third day He rose triumphant

    over death. Isaiah 53:4-10; I Peter 2:24; John 10:11; Galatians 3:13, Matthew

    20:28; I Corinthians 15:3; Romans 4:25; II Corinthians 5:14; Hebrews 2:9; Hebrews


  • That there is no other name given that man should be saved by but the name of Jesus

    Christ. Acts 4:12.

  • In the trinity; one God who exists in three distinct persons; Father, Son and the Holy

    Spirit. Matthew 28:19; II Corinthians 13:14; I John 1:5-7.

  • That the Holy Spirit is the third Person in the TRINITY. He has the same power, the

    same glory with God the Father and God the Son. John 14:16-17; John 15:26;

    Matthew 3:16; Acts 13:24.

  • In the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the universal focal evidence of speaking in

    other tongues. Acts 2:4; Acts 10:34-36; Acts 19:2-6.

  • In water baptism by immersion. Acts 8:29-39

  • In living a righteous and holy life as commanded by God in the bible. Hebrews 12:14

    That Jesus Christ is coming again. Revelation 19:19-21; II Thessalonian 1:7-10; Jude

    1:14-15; Zechariah 14:3-4.

Our Core Value